Thursday, April 9, 2009

Books for sale.....

I have a whole bunch of books that i have from my CADA and FullSail days that are of no use to me any more

Here is a list of them
Blobitecture - John K Waters Waveform architecture and digital design
Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects Volume 2 : Advanced techniques - Trish & Chris Meyer
The Animators Survival Kit - Richard Williams
The illusion of life - Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston
Setting up your shots - Jeremy Vineyard
Horses and other animals in motion 45 classic photographic sequences - Eadweard Muybridge
How to draw and paint cartoon animation - Preston J. Blair
Monsters from the ID - The HR Giger bestiary.

All the books a re in really good condition.
I need to get rid of them ASAP......

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Is this blog still live....?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So it is that time of the year again....and many of us East Coast peeps are gonna be in LA for the big event. What would be really great if we could plan to meet our West Coast Alumni....any suggestions....??
I know that most of the nights will be booked with "the party's" schmoozing to get a job...but seriously can we plan out one night or evening or morning to meet up.....maybe some of you already set up with jobs on the West Coast are looking hire....or just get together and get to know each other.....

Let me know who is game and I will set it up.....

Friday, July 25, 2008

Introductions - Aditi

Hey everyone - I graduated from CADA 2006. I've been freelancing ever since (and a little before) and recently joined staff at Brand New School NY earlier this year in March. And yes the freelance vs staff was huge debate for me too. Officially I'm a lighting TD, and unofficially a nerd. :-p I haven't met some of you, especially after I graduated, but its cool to see how everyone is doing. Great idea Mehma!

As for what I've been up to - mostly my job is to light, shade, and render all of our 3D projects, and since I code, I'm working on writing a small CG Pipeline for our 3D department. I've done various mel scripts here and there whenever someone needs something. I took down my personal website to update it, but I'll repost it whenever I finish... but in terms of recent work, the HP spot and the Dodge spot on the Brand New School website are good indications.

You guys have brought up some good topics already on this blog, so I'll go post my comments to those right now ;)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

freelance vs. staff

Time to start stirring up things. Which is better, freelance or staff? The eternal question. Before I started working, the thought of having to look for a job every 4 or 5 months always scared me (I wanted to work in film, and this seemed to be the average turn around). When I got off school, I started working in commercials, which meant looking for a job every couple of weeks. Looking back on it, after doing it for a year now, I'm damn glad I did it. Yes, there were scary moments and a couple of weeks without work here and there, but the experience is priceless. I had a chance to see how different houses work, their pipelines, location, different types of projects. And my learning curve has been real steep too. And not to mention the people you meet. I haven't shown my demo reel in over a year, and yet I keep getting hired at new places. I think the most important lesson I've learned this past year is that the relationships you make in this business are gold; and your work ethic.

Introductions - Rodrigo Dorsch

Okay, my turn. I'm Rodrigo Dorsch, CADA graduate, class of '07. I moved back to LA in July of last year (I used to live here before and moving back was always my plan) and have been working since then as a freelance compositor. I've worked at a few places, including The Syndicate, The Mill LA, Sea Level, and a52. I'm currently at Zoic Studios and in a couple of weeks I'll be going over to Warner Bros. to work on The Sarah Connor Chronicles for five months as part of an in-house VFX team. My website is, but I haven't updated it since May of 2007...

Monday, July 21, 2008


One of the comments about this blog was that each one of us take the time out and introduce ourselves (good idea)......I think its really great that so many CADA Alumni have already signed up for this group and will soon be taking an active part.....
So to get back to the Introductions......My name is Mehma Sachdeva, I'm from Mumbai, India and a recent graduate of CADA. I have been a generalist so far and though I came to CADA thinking I might become a specialist......being a generalist agrees with me see some of my work and get my contact info you can visit my website I am currently working in NYC, with Geodsx. A company that is a joint venture of an American (JDK Design) and Indian company (AliaGroup). We mainly outsource work...and since we are fairly young in the 3D business, our 3D is limited to Print and Web animations......